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India is one of the few countries with long sunny days and plenty of sunshine, especially in our region. At the same time, hot weather and high solar intensity also leads to faster spoilage of our fruits, vegetables, flowers, dairy products, refreshments like chocolates and aromatic condiments. It so happens that the time when availability of solar energy is abundant, is precisely when our concern for possible spoilage of these valuable commodities is the highest!

SolerCool has designed and developed a first to market answer to the problem of fresh fruits and vegetables spoiling due to lack of refrigeration at the farm level in developing countries.

Our Business Verticals

"We, at SolerCool, provide an innovative solution to this nationwide problem by offering solar powered refrigerated storage space."
Our Business Verticals are:
SolerCool Cold Shed | Cold Storage | Pre-Fab Structures | Cube

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Business Verticals

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VISION - Utilize the power of Sun light to improve life of human being with fresh and quality foods.
MISSION - We will translate our advanced Solar technologies in to value for our customers.